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Foil Stamping available in Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, Green, Rose Gold & Blue Color,


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10-12 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 

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8 days for production & 4 - 5 business days for ground delivery. 



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Custom Gold Foil Boxes and Packaging

Gold is a brilliant, soft, and flexible natural element. It is one of the most valuable metals among all the others. Women adored wearing it. The color gold enhances your personality. It is a highly alluring metal. 

Gold is an integral part of our daily lives. Thus, we have a variety of uses for it. It comes in various sizes and forms, and we can wear it as jewelry. We can use many procedures to convert gold into Gold Foil.

Afterward, brands can use this gold foil to create Gold Foil Boxes. These Customized Gold Foil packagings come in many styles, dimensions, and forms. One of the best ways to improve our brand's reputation in society is by using Gold Foil Packaging.

Some unique and valuable products demand packaging that can match their high status. Jewelry, perfume, and other portable industry products require Custom Gold Foil Boxes that stand out from their surroundings. Businesses use this to broaden their appeal and match the high cost of the product.

Do you want to make your custom box packaging a little more shimmery? Your products will dazzle and distinguish themselves from the competition when packaged with Custom Gold Foil. You can easily create eye-catching Custom Gold Foil Boxes with Custom Cardboard Packaging, ensuring that your image has the distinctive appeal it needs.


These kinds of boxes will help you improve the quality of your brand. One effective technique to draw attention is through packaging. We stunningly create each package. We can use this Gold Foil Packaging in a variety of ways besides using it to advertise our business. They greatly enhance the appeal of your brand. Customers can avail of these boxes with ease.


The Best Custom Boxes can customize Gold Foil Pack in many ways. We can put our favorite items in this box. We should also send someone a present using this box.

It appears to be distinctive. As a result of its originality, the box is now recommendable. It also raises the quality of our brand. These lovely Custom Gold Foil boxes are perfect for gifts. Additionally, they assist you in creating a lasting impact on the contribution of your loved one.  Furthermore, they come in various designs, including round, square, plain, and many others, to suit our demands and preferences. It is a simple approach to upgrading the packaging of your product to make it look more expensive and tempting.

Diversity of Customizable Options:

The fact that these Custom-Printed Gold Foil Boxes are completely customizable is encouraging. It implies that you can have them constructed in any useful shape or size that best meets your company's requirements. Even though many items might not be able to support the box's size, they can be modified to satisfy the requirements for these products. Printed Boxes with Logos can boost the number of clients your business has, whether it is a gift for a loved one or just a minor improvement for your business.

Eye-catching feature:

These cardboard boxes also possess the astounding characteristic of being extremely eye-catching. The gold foil boxes are the best option if you're keen to increase sales and turn visitors into potential clients. These Gold Foil Packaging Wholesale can be an asset for your company because they have such beautiful artwork and a design that looks like gold. More clients will be drawn to innovative packaging solutions, and they will value this initiative as well.

Security and Protection:

The style of Gold Foil Boxes and how they represent your brand are not their only important features. They go beyond in offering the additional layer of security and protection that other custom boxes fall short of. All of the bundled contents within the box are safe because of the extra layer of coated material on top. Boxes covered in gold foil interfere with and impede the entry of UV rays that are coming directly from the sun. As a result, all resources, whether they be food or something else, must be kept safe.


The Best Custom Boxes can customize in every size and shape. We pick the most enticing material for product packaging. We provide the most fashionable small, medium, and large boxes. These foil boxes already look charming & distinctive, so they don't need additional embellishment. We can use ribbon flowers to give boxes the attractive shape and aroma of a flower. If you need to decide which kind of box to gift someone, go with a Custom Gold Foil Boxes Printing and Packaging Wholesale. It is the ideal box for weddings, bachelor parties, anniversaries, formal gatherings, and other special occasions. This packaging improves the quality and visibility of the products.

First, decide the size for your Custom-Printed Gold Foil Packaging to ensure a perfect fit for your items. Step two is to view our enormous collection of unique shapes and styles. Choose the ideal one, then decide on it for your specially produced custom gold foil box. To suit your needs, options range from two-piece to foldable alternatives. Choose gold foiling or foil stamping for any writing you want to stand out against contrasting background colors.


To create the unique Gold Foil Boxes, we require stiff material. Additionally, we provide Custom-Printed Gold-Foil Boxes that are both beautiful and protective. According to the specifications of the boxes for gold foil packing, we use the following materials:

  • Cardboard substance.
  • Corrugated building.
  • a Lenin.
  • Rigid substance.

We use lighter-weight cardboard material for regular Gold-foil Box Packaging. Therefore, you can utilize Wholesale Gold Foil Boxes to provide lovely gifts to your family members every day. The E-presence flutes make the corrugated material firm. The E-flute corrugated material gives the Metalized boxes a distinct appearance. They will be able to carry more weight in this manner.


The printing on the Custom Gold Foil Packaging is what gives them their glowing appearance. Custom Printed Boxes, on the other hand, have a unique appearance that draws attention from customers.

When the Gold Foil is applied to ingredient specifications, net weight, and expiry dates, expressing important information becomes simple. These Gold Foil Boxes with Logos aid in emphasizing the communication of critical information and product attributes. Many organizations all over the world are gravitating toward these gold boxes due to their capacity to print a range of information. It adds gold foiling over them for glittering looks, which enhances the aesthetics of their products and gives them an opulent aspect.

On the Best Custom Boxes, a variety of printing solutions for Gold Foil Box Printing have been introduced to help customers build their brands. Below is a list of printing choices for the custom gold foil boxes.

  • CMYK Printing
  • PMS printing.
  • The engraving
  • Using a deboss
  • Foiling

Our professional teams can assist in recommending the best printing solution for Golf Foil Packaging Wholesale.


The Custom Gold Boxes' last polish is the coating. It makes the custom gold boxes interesting to look at. The Gold Foil Packaging Wholesale has three different basic sorts of coatings. They are listed below.

  • The look is shiny.
  • The matte finish
  • Reflections of the UV spots

The glossy appearance indicates that the lamination makes the entire box sparkle. Therefore, the issue is the drab appearance that makes it appear to be an aged gift box. As a result, the UV spot reflections on the Custom Gold Foil Boxes are the image of the shiny and matte laminations combined. The majority of the box's key parts are matte, while the remainder is glossily laminated.

Wholesale Custom Gold Foil Boxes in USA

Looking for something that can add a luxurious look to your presentation of products? Well, gold foil boxes are catching the attention of people and business these days. They are in great demand for different supplies in parties, birthdays, wedding events and more. You can also get them made in different shapes, sizes and styles.

Stand out in market with these customized gold foil boxes

For the fast growing market and increased competition, it gets hard to make a name in market. For you to stand out, you need something that is unique and has qualities that can’t be found anywhere else. Get these customized gold foil boxes made by us with your choice of size, shape and your artwork and stand out in the market. The gold foil sheets used for these boxes add luxury to these boxes and can help you not only catch people’s eye but also increase your sale.

Opt for us for your customized gold foil boxes

With us, you will get the opportunity to get these boxes made of your choice and at affordable rates. Not only that, we also offer fast turnaround time and free delivery. We are always working our best to provide the best of services and our honesty with our customers has always been a priority. We will also give you a proof of your product before actually starting the production so you can have an idea as how your product will look like and if you need any changes. We also let you have you logo printed on these boxes if you want. Working with us would create great opportunities for you to brand your business in the market and enhance your sales.


We favor long-term business partnerships. We will work with you to plan a prosperous future for your company. You would receive fully customized boxes without paying any additional fees.

You can give us a design or let us come up with a stylish one for you. Any of these procedures don't entail any design fees. On our Gold Foil Boxes, we won't tack on any die or cutting plate fees either.

It doesn't sound so horrible, does it? There is, however, more for you.

The Best Custom Boxes offer our clients service around-the-clock. You only need to send us a message, and one of our customer support agents will get back to you. Gold foil Packaging with a Logo is durable enough to hold any object. The premium materials and printing ink used in our boxes demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer service. Regardless of where you live, you will receive your order within the minimum possible days following the order's confirmation. If you send it straight to your customers, there is no concern because these boxes can protect your product from any damage. You won't have any complaints about the quality of our goods because we employ top-notch equipment during manufacture.

We deliver Customized Gold Foil Boxes, you have complete control over the boxes' appearance. We allow you to establish your products as a brand and dominate the market.

We are providing you with everything at incredibly inexpensive prices and there is a regal method for selling your goods. Get your quote right away, or feel free to contact us whenever you have questions.

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