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Edibles Packaging Boxes

Edible packaging is a new trend and many businesses are now adapting to increase their sales and profits from it. Cannabis edible boxes come n various shapes and sizes and knowing which one suits your company is a bit tricky. We have an in-house expert team of designers who specialize in it and take enough time and effort to understand the business of the company. The team designed edible boxes that fit the budget and more importantly increase profits and bring more sales to the business. We don't compromise on the quality and ensure to increase the worth of the company with our excellent and efficient packaging.

Edible packaging is used for storing cannabis products like cannabis, marijuana, and other edible products. Some of these boxes are medicated, so their packaging slightly differs from the other ones.  Some are designed for customers to welcome more sales to the business. The packaging should be tempting for both patients and customers so that they can't resist but buy the product. The attractive packaging style of the edible boxes is important and we should give more attention to packaging as some statistics have proven that customers buy impulsively and more than 90% of the customers buy things based on its marketing.

Distinctive packaging:

Cannabis is a medical predictor and they are used for pain relieving and alleviating stress and anxiety. All the medicated products have almost the same chemical composition, and all are going to enter these saturated markets where thousands are competing to increase their sales. The packaging of the products differs from other brands and a perfect way to distinguish your product from the competitor with its packaging. Packaging makes your product visible in the market. It defines the definition of and to the market and package boxes are brand ambassadors of your product. This is the investment that you are going to make in your products and it will increase the overall recognition of your brand. We are here to assist you and we can design customer-designed, distinctive, unique, and hot-selling cannabis edible products for you.

We have different custom-designed edible boxes and it comes in various shapes and sizes. The benefit of using the custom design is that companies can choose their style, printing style, color, graphics, and material. Hence,  the companies can decide their budget and design their boxes accordingly and afford different luxuries and necessities. We will discuss in detail our services at TBCB, what type of designs we offer, and what printing style. What type of design do we choose to make a distinctive effort. Importantly how  customization and personalization are the keys to winning customers.

Custom design printing on the cannabis boxes:

We at TBCB have custom-designed printing styles and companies can easily choose their printing style from a variety of printing designs like on-set method, offset method, and fine, printing for the high-end look of cannabis edible boxes. The style of the cannabis edible boxes is also a unique factor for the promotion of the boxes like two-piece, sleeve, tuck end, and reverse tuck style. Our design speaks for itself and it uplifts the overall features of the product. We make sure that the printing style of the boxes indicates and highlights the benefits and features of the product. There are FDA instructions for medicated product packaging.

Our team of experts is proud of this and we design custom cannabis wholesale edible boxes with all the details like

  • composition
  •  directions for use
  •  brand and logo of the product
  • a manufacturing company
  • manufacturing date
  • and registration number

 So patients have ease  to know all the features of the product. 

Custom design material of the cannabis boxes:

The packaging of the cannabis edible products must be high quality. The most important is the type of material you are choosing for your product. As it is a pharmaceutical product, companies have to meet certain standards regarding its quality.  Like the product packaging should be strong enough to bear mechanical pressure and protection from sunlight and moisture etc.  Our inhouse team of experts has high quality material for boxes, which makes the infrastructure of the package boxes. If the material of the packaging box is not sturdy enough, the style and graphics do not matter because the packaging is not long-lasting. It should be strong enough to hold the product for  3-6 months or the average expiry date of the product.

Considering all the quality standards, we at TBCB ensure high quality material boxes suitable for cannabis edible products like corrugated and kraft boxes. These material boxes are a good competition to other brands as these materials have long-lasting properties.

So we at TBCB test the package boxes through various procedures to test their toughness and resistance to hold and protect the product. Likewise, all the failed stuff is present to improve the quality. Only qualified and tested package boxes are dispatched for sale. Thus, this filters all the client risks of the protection of the pharmaceutical cannabis edible product.

Custom design edible products:

Whether you are looking for custom boxes for cannabis products, marijuana, gummies, or chocolate we are giving the best value in return for the package. We offer desired results for the company on a limited and tight budget. The design of the bible boxes must have all the standards of beating the competitors like selecting the perfect color scheme, and selecting any template, color, and design of your own choice and even you can create and recommend  your style. We at TBCB  have expert s designers who can design the best suitable and budget-friendly edible boxes for your business. The design should be a tempting and eye-appealing and eye soothing logo, and a one line caption that perfectly defines the product.

As the packaging of the box is the ambassador of the product, it should redefine and report your palace in the saturated market. Whatever idea you have related to the product or design, discuss it with us, we are here to offer your desired results.

Eco friendly and Free shipment:

Why is it important for companies to have eco-friendly packaging? and why does it matter.? The term eco friendly means environment friendly that doesn't  harm the environment in any way or contribute to climate change. We at TBCB design eco-friendly packaging boxes all types of boxes used in the packaging are environment recyclable, regenerate table, biodegradable, etc.

Moreover, we offer free shipment to our clients and customers just need to pay for the order and we afford all the shipment charges. This is just an effort we mark to take one step ahead of our competitors.

Quick turnaround and free graphics:

We design edible boxes at wholesale rates. All our wholesale edible products and marijuana boxes have a quick turnaround time of around 8 -7 days. We make hundreds of products and it also depends on the order of the packaging boxes.  TBCB team offers to design innovative packaging solutions for every client. 

We also offer free graphics to our clients, which includes designing an interactive and eye-capturing design. This is the additional perk of working with us, we focus on building a long-term relationship and changing the business into a relationship. We make sure that we of high-quality services so that our customers can trust us in the future.


To quickly summarize we offer custom-designed, custom-printed cannabis edible products, custom-designed, free shipment, eco-friendly and high quality material, and clients and businesses can select their designs and styles.

Overall, we believe in client satisfaction, underpromising, and over delivering. This helps us to bring calculated and satisfying results for our clients.  We make sure that only the tried and tested product packages reach the customers and defended or substandard are immediately discarded.

 Also, we have strict quality control on the product packaging and we don't compromise on the quality of the product.  We are here to provide full support to make product boxes. We take pride in designing custom and personalized boxes for our clients.  We have maintained our recognition without compromising on the quality for a long span of time. To get our customized edible product and to know more about our products, feel free to connect with us.

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